Camper Village is situated in Santo Stefano al Mare (Imperia), a lively small town on the Riviera dei Fiori (Flower Riviera) overlooking the Tower Gulf area which includes Santo Stefano, Riva Ligure and San Lorenzo on the coast and Civezza, Pietrabruna, Costarainera, Cipressa, Terzorio, Pompeiana and Castellaro, hills villages a short distance inland.

Up to a century ago, Santo Stefano al Mare was a small fishing village. Urban development and the flower growing industry caused considerable growth, but the heart of the old village is still present with the picturesque streets where shops, cafès and artisans add vitality to the timeless atmosphere, particularly lively in the summer. In the eastern part of the town, the sixteenth century, 9-sided Saracen tower is unique, built as a defence against barbarian raids. Further down the coast, towards Cipressa, another sixteenth century defence tower, Torre degli Aregai, takes its name from the beach below. In the same area, the tourist port (900 berths) "Marina degli Aregai" has been developed offering various commercial activities such as bars, reataurants, palestra, shops, boat agents and chandlers and a diving centre where it is possible to explore one of the most interesting underwater areas of the Mediterranean.

8 km of scenery with clefts, walls covered with sea fans and thousands of fish such as bass, moray, conger and lobster crabs. Expert divers can see the wreck of the BR20 Italian bomber of the 2nd World War which lies 47 metres deep on the sandy sea bed.
Several characteristic hill villages of historic, architectonic and naturalistic interest behind Santo Stefano can easily be reached by road or on foot or by mountain bike along various paths. Such excursions offer a pleasant alternative to life on the beach.

An extremely interesting itinerary leads from Santo Stefano (Aregai) to Cipressa from where it is possible to climb up to Pian di Vigne, Pompeiana and then back down to Riva Ligure.
There is a wide choice for sports enthusiasts - football, tennis, sailing and rowing and for cycling and walking, the bicycle/pedestrian track, 20 km long, runs through the coastal park from Sanremo, through Arma di Taggia, Riva Ligure and Santo Stefano al Mare to San Lorenzo al Mare - the heart of the Riviera dei Fiori.

Camper Village: Strada Porsani - 18010 Santo Stefano Al Mare - +39 331 2660633 - e-mail: info@campervillage.it

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